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Welcome to Te Ipukarea Society

Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) is a civil society environmental organisation for the Cook Islands. Ipukarea is literally translated as ‘our heritage’.

Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) is a proactive nongovernment environment organisation (NGO) formed to help look after our heritage. Our philosophy is that we do not own our land and marine resources but borrow them from our future generations, and need to leave them in good condition.

We are a membership-based organisation made up of individuals who believe in the need to maintain a healthy and beautiful environment.   We are members of IUCN and Birdlife International.

Find out more about Te Ipukarea Society in our About us section.


Projects such as Save our Suwarrow project, invasive species eradications, outer island bird surveys, Marine Park project;


Promoting waste reduction projects such as eliminating single use plastics, re-useable shopping bags, recycling, strategy for old tyres.


Working to build resilience in our small island paradise.


Youth debates around topical environmental issues, youth camps and training on environmental monitoring.


Raising awareness of the impacts of development and other issues including seabed mining and industrial fishing.


Mana Tiaki simply means being a guardian of something, and in this case being a guardian of our environment.

Our Environment Through The Eyes Of Our Youth Today

TIS launches a Givealittle page to Protect a Little Paradise

Published 04 February 2020

TIS has recently started a crowd funding page through Givealittle in New Zealand. This will help fund important environmental work in the Cook Islands, helping to preserve this little paradise for future generations.

This page will make it easier for our supporters, both from overseas and locally based, to donate to TIS, with either credit card (international) or online payments (within NZ).  All funds received will be put towards core costs of running our organisation and supporting our projects in Rarotonga and throughout the outer islands.

If you believe in our work and want to help us continue, we would be humbled if you could make a donation. Any amount, big or small, is welcome.

We look forward to working with you all in the future to ensure that our voices are heard and our paradise spanning the land and ocean is preserved, protected and healthy!

Please visit our Protect a Little Paradise Givealittle Page.